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Stramsen Biotech Inc. has 11 drug/medicine candidates in early-stage clinical trials.  A number of these drugs/medicines are currently in use overseas. Stramsen’s pipeline has 32 total drug candidates that are at various stages of development.

Stramsen Biotech Inc. is a Texas-based biopharmaceutical company that uses natural plant-based approach to develop medicines that will transform the lives of many patients. We have over 8,000 medicinal plants database accessible to our scientists. 

Currently, more than 40% of all medicines that are prescribed to all patients in the entire world are derived from medicinal plants, and they are rigorously tested in clinical trials.  

You can find more information about our products / drug candidates on our Facebook and Twitter pages. 

  SBX 1052 - Controls/prevents enlargement of the prostate glands. 
  SBX1968 - Controls/prevents the proliferation and metastasis prostate glands cancer. 
  SBX 2021 - Controls/prevents the proliferation and metastasis of various cancer cells. 
  SBX 2022 - Controls/prevents the proliferation and metastasis of blood cancer. 
  SBX 2023 - treats various forms of peripheral neuropathic disorders. 
  SBX 2000 - for management of various forms of cardiovascular diseases. 
   SBX 1977 – A wound healing drug with cell proliferation and strong antibacterial properties. 
  SBX 2048 - Controls HIV and improves immunity. 
  SBX1988 – Controls diabetes 
 SBX2011 - Treats kidney infections and dissolves / breaks-up gallstones. 
  SBX1967 – Relieves bone/joint pains, treats bone/joint infection improves joint lubrication. 

SBRX2: For control of fever, flu, allergy and viral respiratory infections and respiratory conditions.

SBRX3: Promotes insulin production for control of diabetes.

SBRX4:  For the treatment of gout and joint pains.

SBRX5: Controls HIV infection and improves immunity.

SBRX6:  For the control of asthma, allergy and other respiratory conditions.

SBRX7:  For treatment of ulcers, heartburn and dyspepsia or Indigestion.

SBRX8: Prevents and controls sickling.

SBRX9: For attention deficit disorders/hyperactivity disorder, improves attention and memory.

SBRX10: For the relief of constipation.

SBRX11: For the treatment of resistant malaria, interment fevers, malaise, and lethargy.

SBRX12: Controls gastric acid, heartburn, and stomach ulcers, protects gastric lining from acid, kills bacteria that are believed to cause ulcers.

SBRX13 Promotes development and maturation of sperms, promotes production of testosterone and improves erectile function.

SBRX14: Promotes the production of androgens as well as development and maturation of sperms.

SBRX15: For the treatment of urogenital tract infections. It controls bacteria, viruses, protozoa and fungi in the urogenital tract.

SBRX16: For the control of neurological disorders and epilepsy

SBRX17: For the control of painful periods (dysmenorrhea or menstrual cramps).

SBRX18:  For the control of uterine fibroids and promotes female hormones.

SBRX19: For the control of flu, fever, relives asthma and cough.

SBRX20: Controls viruses that cause hepatitis, including Hepatitis A, B, C , D, E and G. Also treats yellow fever and other viruses that cause fever and lethargy.

SBRX21: Relives pain due to inguinal hernia for men.  

SBRX22: Relives pain due to ovulation disorder for women. 

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