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Chemistry Class


Stramsen Biotech Inc. works with hospitals around the world to secure contracts for compounding purposes.   In the field of pharmacy, compounding is preparation of custom medications to fit unique needs of patients that cannot be met with mass-produced medicines. This may be done, for example, to provide medication in a form easier for a given patient to ingest (e.g., liquid vs. tablet), or to avoid a non-active ingredient a patient is allergic to, or to provide an exact dose that isn't otherwise available. This kind of patient-specific compounding, according to a prescriber's specifications, is referred to as "traditional" compounding. The nature of patient need for such customization can range from absolute necessity (e.g. avoiding allergy) to individual optimality (e.g. ideal dose level) to even preference (e.g. flavor or texture). 

Our goal is to provide patients with sustainable and affordable health solutions

Plant- based medicines are safer and have fewer side effects. Other related businesses include compounding and manufacturing of generic medicines.  

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